On the weekend of 29th July, our pigeons won 2 x 1. Provincial, from Souillac (5. Nat) and Narbonne (3. Nat) 


The yearlings-cocks were basketed on Souillac (696 Km). The result:
Souillac Prov 911 YL: 1-12-21-28-65-80-84-93...
Nat 4.056 YL: 5-40-61-78-193-235-261-290-331-335-427... (17/39)

The father of this provincial winner Souillac is a Halfbrother to Provincial Pau (3. Nat Ace ELD KBDB 2017 & 10. Nat Ace ELD KBDB 2016) and son to Superbreeder (son Monar) x golden Yelena. 

Mother is a Daughter Montali (also son to golden Yelena).


For Narbonne we only basketed hens. The same team from Agen. The result:
Narbonne Prov 814 YL: 1-11-26-96-100-110-116-124-129... 
Nat 3.580 YL: 3-40-85-341-345-393-416-433-456... (12/23)
Narbonne Nat 3.873 old b.: 33-474-570-836-873 (5/8)

The provincial winner (hen) from Narbonne is bred from Son Golden Yelena (from Olympic ace: Super National Marseille x Yelena) paired with a hen from the lines Kleine Fenomeen x Monar.
Her nest brother wins this same weekend 61. Nat Souillac.