The final weekend of the international races has passed, with last but not least the race from Perpignan... our pigeons performed again on top-level:
Perpignan Prov 811 birds: 2-12-20-45 (4/7) (2nd Provincial after clubmate en international winner John Debaene)
Perpignan Nat 3.915 birds: 4-28-50-139 (4/7)
At the provisional result of the National Ace pigeons KBDB we win: 11-12-19 Nat Ace PigeonsExtreme Long Dist KBDB 2019.
Our superbird VIPau BE15-4254695 is 1. Best Ace pigeon of Belgium Extreme Long Dist 2019 - over 3 international races.
The season 2019 is closed after Perpignan. We are very happy and proud of the results of our pigeons in 2019.